Global GEP (High Ability) P4-6 GEP Math

P4-6 GEP Math

“Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.”

Our P4-6 GEP Maths course is designed specifically for students in the GEP stream. It focuses on effective applications of various methodologies and helps further develop the skills that are essential to the student’s success and tackle questions that require complex problem-solving skills. At the same time, our course will also prepare students for the upcoming PSLE Maths exams. Our teachers will guide students through the weekly sets of worksheets that are provided for each lesson, and students will also get to engage in group discussions to come out with solutions for some of the challenging and tricky questions. In addition, students will be induced to participate actively in small games and competitions to test their Maths concepts and understanding,  allowing them to apply what they have learned and challenge themselves in an engaging environment.

Finding it tough to keep up the pace of schoolwork? With our course, be worry-free about the constantly shifting GEP and PSLE Maths syllabus. This course aims to keep students up to date with the current GEP Maths topics in a fun and interesting way. More than just a tuition program, we build up our students’ foundation in essential critical thinking skills while preparing them not just for GEP, but also PSLE Maths. Additionally, our course contains some questions from the Maths Olympiad, designed to bring out the best in our students and provide interesting challenges for them to solve. We believe that the best way to nurture the talent in every child is to prompt them and guide them along the way while encouraging them to test their understanding of key concepts in interactive classroom-style discussions. Each lesson’s materials are prepared specially for the students by our GEP Maths teachers with more than a decade of experience in teaching and revising GEP content. With our enriching curriculum, we are confident that our students will develop an appreciation for lifelong learning and grow not just in their Maths solving skills, but also in problem analysis and interpersonal interaction.


Components of the P4-6 GEP Maths course:

  • Follows latest GEP syllabus
  • 80% GEP Math
  • 10% Mainstream Math
  • 10% Math Olympiad
  • Fun and tricky Maths problems
  • ‘Hot Questions
  • Preparation for the PSLE exams (Key topics & techniques)


Qualification of our GEP Maths Teachers:

  • Bachelor of Science (Highest Distinction Hons.) in Applied Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Economics
  • Familiar with the GEP syllabus and format
  • More than 10 years of teaching experience
  • In charge of setting questions and preparing of lesson materials


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