S1-4 Math

S1-4 Maths

Our Secondary Maths programmes are tailored to instil an in-depth understanding of abstract problems involving numbers and diagrams in different contexts. Our teachers place strong emphasis on conceptual understanding as much as hands-on practice—a habit so crucial in doing well in Math on any level. As the class progresses, students will also be taught to solve non-routine and higher level mathematical questions. There will also be drilling of hot exam question/ topics, which allow students to familiarise with various solving methods and the key topics that might be tested in the O-level examination.

Lesson pace is tailored to school syllabus and is catered to students taking O-Level or N-Level, Elementary Math (E-Math) or Advance Math (A-Math).

For upper secondary students, our centre offers both E-Math and A-Math programme.

  • Easy and fun approach to classroom delivery
  • Emphasis on important math concepts and practical skills for problem-solving
  • Hone analytical skills in solving complex problems  and time management skills in exam
  • Summary notes of key points specially created by our tutors

Our Secondary Maths tutor’s qualification:

  • Degree in Engineering, graduated from NUS
  • MOE-trained school teacher with 10 years of teaching experience in school
  • Familiar with Secondary Maths (E Math/ A Math) syllabus


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