Primary/Secondary Level Oral Programme (English)

Primary/Secondary Oral Programme (English)

The Oral Assessment component is often overlooked by students and parents because of its low weightage in the English Language syllabus. Our Primary and Secondary level oral programme seeks to correct that oversight and to get students up to speed on oral exam techniques. All the aspects of the oral assessment component will be covered: Reading, Picture Description, and Conversation. Elements of the programme include:


  • Proper enunciation of lengthy words and phrases
  • Use of tonality and breaks in reading
  • Voice projection

Picture Description

  • Getting a feel of the visual messages in the picture
  • Use of correct tense and adjectives in the description
  • Extrapolation—exploring what-ifs and different perspectives


  • Learning how to weigh and offer balanced opinions
  • Ability to focus and guide the listener’s attention
  • Using the right vocabulary and grammar to express intention and perspective


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