Our K2 English course aims in preparing our preparatory students to the Primary 1 syllabus gradually and all areas of language. In general, schools expect children to enter Primary One with the following proficiency:

  • Read (with articulatory and auditory phonetics) and write all 26 alphabets in capital and small letters.
  • Know how to read and spell simple words (vocabulary).
  • Know how to construct simple English sentences (grammar).

Our K2 English and General Ability Course aims to instil a love for reading, writing and expressing oneself in English, and covers:

  • Grammar rules: starts from the basics, with gradual exposure to different word classes, tenses, and expressions
  • Vocabulary word bank: introduces basic words and phrases used for describing people, places, and emotions
  • Cloze Passage: focuses on helping students look for textual clues and make simple inferences
  • Comprehension skills: helps young readers to understand context and meaning in different text types


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