Our K2 English course aims in preparing our preparatory students to the Primary 1 syllabus gradually and all areas of language. In general, schools expect children to enter Primary One with the following proficiency:

  • Read (with articulatory and auditory phonetics) and write all 26 alphabets in the capital and small letters.
  • Know how to read and spell simple words (vocabulary).
  • Know how to construct simple English sentences (grammar).

Some students may not be as proficient as their peers when entering Primary One – which is completely normal, as children usually develop at different paces. However, they may miss out on early phases in the classroom, where they are often brought out of class for separate English lessons. As such, it is definitely beneficial for K2 students to brush up on their English proficiency before they move on to Primary School. Our K2 English course aims to do that and more. Apart from going back to the basics of grammar and vocabulary, our students are taught to be smart readers and draw their own inferences from clues given in simple texts. They are also introduced to how context can change the meaning of different statements. At the end of the course, our K2 English students will be well equipped to venture into Primary One. Furthermore, they will hopefully also realise that reading, writing, and expressing themselves can be an enjoyable process. All in all, we ensure that our students will be at the top of their class when it comes to their English skills, boosting their performance and confidence when they begin the next phase of their education.

Our K2 English and General Ability Course aim to instill a love for reading, writing and expressing oneself in English, and covers:

  • Grammar rules: starts from the basics, with gradual exposure to different word classes, tenses, and expressions
  • Vocabulary word bank: introduces basic words and phrases used for describing people, places, and emotions
  • Cloze Passage: focuses on helping students look for textual clues and make simple inferences
  • Comprehension skills: help young readers to understand context and meaning in different text types


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