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Before tuition: E

2017 A Levels H2 Math: A

The teacher is very patient in explaining to us questions and solutions that we might take a while to understand. He exposes us to a wide range of methods to do one question so that we are able to to decide on which method suits us more, and which methods suit a specific type of questions. He provides notes to summarise topics, exam strategies and calculator tricks useful in helping us solve questions that school doesn't always teach us. In addition, he group questions of similar types in the ten year series and other schools' paper so that we are able to practice on the question types we are weaker in.

Shi Hui (Temasek JC)

Before tuition: E

2017 A Levels H2 Math: A

I'm really glad to have signed up for these sessions, even if it's just for a short 3 plus months.

The teacher is very effective in his teaching methods, never failing to ensure we have proper understanding of the concepts taught. He also teaches many helpful exam pointers which are not taught in school. Beyond teaching, he is a great mentor to his students as well, often giving advice and sharing his experiences when duly needed.

Overall, I'm glad to have received such help and guidance, as that definitely has made a difference in the way I understand H2 Math.

JH (Raffles Institution)

Before tuition: S

2017 A Levels H2 Math: A

Math had been consistently a struggle over the 2 years as evident from my consistent S grades from Y5 to Y6. However, with the teacher's help, I was able to jump to an A for A Levels.

Though I only sought help after prelims, this short time span was really effective as he would go through the most vital parts that we needed help with. For practice, he would group topics and types of questions together for us to do in class and go through unconventional but understandable methods that took at least half the time of what is taught in schools. He also shared many exam strategies and calculator tricks that would boost one's speed and efficiency during exams that I found extremely helpful during my future practices and finally, in A's.

Despite being a very short period, it was a very fruitful and useful one packed with crucial skills and tips to do well in exams. Thank you the teacher and Global Education!

Genevieve (Raffles Institution)

Mrs Tan (Parent of student from White Sands Primary who had passed 2017 P3 GEP Selection Test Round 2):

“The team of teachers and receptionists in Global Education Hub are very encouraging and friendly which make students love going for lessons plus easy understood teaching method. Thank you!”

Parent of student from White Sands Primary who had passed 2017 P3 GEP Selection Test Round 2:

“My child has been selected into the Gifted Education Programme. I would like to thank Global Education for training my child. The teachers are very experienced, especially the Maths teacher who really instilled a keen interest and conceptual knowledge in Maths in my child!

We also appreciate the carefully crafted notes from years of experience. They provided my child with exposure to questions that tested the child's problem-solving aptitude.

Thank you, Global Education!”

Parent of student from Nanyang Primary who scored 276 in 2017 PSLE:

“My son enjoyed working on the challenging math problems at Global Education Hub. The teacher is kind and encouraging, who injects fun in his lessons, teaching them math problems outside of the syllabus e.g. magic squares. More than just helping my son achieve an A* in Math, he sparked a passion for mathematics in my son and for that we are very grateful.”

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