Reading Aloud Programme For Parents

Reading Aloud Programme for Parents Enrichment

Language and storytelling play a pivotal role in one’s formative years. For parents, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of your child’s curiosity and natural propensity for learning. There are few better ways than to read aloud to your children to get them engaged and comfortable with the English language.

Suitable for parents & caregivers of children aged between 5 years old and above, this fun workshop teaches participants the art of reading aloud to children, through storytelling and discussion.

Course components include:

  • Harnessing speech – how to use tone and emphasis to evoke emotions
  • Non-verbal communication skills – body language and facial expression
  • Ideas and themes for discussion and activity time

This course prepares candidates for Oral Communication Skills Assessments with the English Speaking Board International Ltd. (UK) and The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (LAMDA). It also prepares candidates for Speech and Drama Examinations with Trinity College, London.



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