S1-4 IP/IB Math

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms; it is about understanding.” – William Paul Thurston


As with all our Math courses, students in our S1-4 IP Math tuition and IB Math courses are given an edge over their peers when it comes to approaching numerical, graphical and geometrical challenges. Besides being exposed to the essential methodologies, students are constantly encouraged to do their own detective work and to test out possible solutions. Wrong answers are never seen as final—rather, students are taught to examine their own mistakes and encouraged to learn and correct them.

Math Courses

Course Components of Our IP/IB Math Program

  • Reiteration of key methodologies for efficient and correct question analysis
  • Drills on topical questions/ popular exam questions
  • From foundational to higher ability questions, based on students’ capability
  • Ease bridging to H2 Math at A Levels/Year 6 of IB programme
  • Summary notes of key points specially created by our IP Math Tuition tutors
  • Lesson will be conducted according to school syllabus.
  • Regular practices/ assignments will be given by our tutors.

Qualification of Our Centre’s IP/IB Math Tutor:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, NUS graduate
  • MOE-trained school teacher with 10 years of teaching experience in school
  • Familiar with IP/IB Maths syllabus

IP Math Tuition in Singapore at Global Education Hub

Global Education Hub offers specialized IB and IP Math tuition programs designed to give students a significant advantage in mastering mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. Here’s an in-depth look at the program, highlighting its key components, methodology, and the qualifications of the tutors.

Program Overview

The IB/IP Math tuition at Global Education Hub is not just about learning numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms; it’s about understanding the essence of mathematics. This philosophy is based on the belief that mathematics is a tool for understanding the world, as echoed by William Paul Thurston’s quote highlighted on their website.

Key Components of the IP/IB Math Program

  • Methodology Reinforcement: The program emphasizes reiterating key methodologies for efficient and correct question analysis, ensuring students can approach problems effectively.
  • Drills and Practice: Students undergo drills on topical questions and popular exam questions, ranging from foundational to higher ability levels, tailored to their capabilities.
  • Bridging to Advanced Levels: The course facilitates ease in bridging to H2 Math at A Levels or Year 6 of the IB program, preparing students for future academic challenges.
  • Customized Summary Notes: Special summary notes of key points are created by the tutors to aid in the revision and understanding of complex concepts.
  • Aligned with School Syllabus: Lessons are conducted by the school syllabus, ensuring relevance and applicability.
  • Regular Assignments: Tutors provide regular practices and assignments to reinforce learning and ensure continuous improvement.


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