S1-2 Science

S1-2 Challenging Science

Think like a proton – always positive.


Our lower Secondary Science programme helps students on their transition from the basic primary level to the much more complex secondary level. Once students are acclimated to the demands of challenging scientific theories and formulas, they will then be progressively introduced to the specialised Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students will get familiar with the different topical approaches, and develop an ability to break down question requirements with speed and accuracy. On top of broadening their Science knowledge, our students will also be trained on their critical thinking to answer questions with ease.


Exposure to questions through regular weekly practices, engaging class-room discussion, and homework will adequately cover the grounds for students’ development of:

  • Topical Approaches
  • Question analysis and processing skills
  • Ability to answer higher-order Science questions
  • Answering techniques

Topics covered in lower Secondary Science includes:

Gadgets Work Wonders (I)

• Exploring Forces
• Discovering Energy
• Investigating Heat
• Investigating Electricity

Matter Around Us

• Properties of Matter
• Water, Solutions and Suspensions
• Water pollution
• Air pollution

Wonders of My Body (I)

• Getting Energy & Nutrients from Food
• Human Reproduction
• Taking Good Care of My Body



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