Terms and Condition

Registration fee is payable upon enrolment. Should a student withdraw from the centre and rejoin in future, registration fee is payable again.
Reservation and confirmed enrolment of students are based on full payment.
Course fees are due two weeks prior to the new term and are not refundable. Penalty will be imposed for late payment.
Every subject enrolled requires deposit fee.
Separate payment is to be made for holiday programmes.
There are 4 terms per year, each term consists of 12 lessons.
Payment can be made by Nets or Cheque payable to : Global Education Hub Pte Ltd.

Absence from classes will result in fees being charged.
No replacement will be provided if the students have missed any lessons regardless of reasons.
Classes will be on-going during school holidays inclusive of June and December holidays.
There will be no class during Public Holidays but make up arrangements will be made giving a 2 weeks grace period to do so. Should the centre be closed on other occasions, parents will be notified.

Withdrawal Form to be filled up and submit for acknowledgement.
Parents are to settle any outstanding fee upon withdrawal accordingly.
Withdrawal notice must be made in full of 1 (one) calendar month; 4 weeks of written notice.
Parents wish to withdraw the students on short notice (less than 1 (one) calendar month), deposit fee will be forfeited.

Parents are responsibility to ensure that the followings are observed in classrooms :
No food and drinks except plain water
No gadgets usage (all electronic devices)
Should the student wants to have a quick bite, he/she can do so outside the class.
Parents /guardians are not allowed
to sit in for class lessons with their children or exhibit any other actions which are considered disruptive
to reproduce, circulate or copy the course materials without prior permission from the centre.

The centre reserves the right to use the student’s image, written work and academic results in promotional materials.
The centre may refuse enrolment acceptance of any student on discretion.
The centre reserves the right
to withhold certain test papers or documents which are deemed to be confidential
to change, cancel the course /sessions due to unforeseen circumstances
to use the student’s name and works for its campaigns and activities
to terminate those students who behave unacceptably in the centre** Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice by the management and we will not be held liable for any damages occurred. **

** Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice by the management and we will not be held liable for any damages occurred. **

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