Global Mainstream P3-6 Science

P3-6 Challenging Science

The P3-6 Challenging Science course helps students develop essential problem-solving skills for a general science curriculum at the primary school level. With weekly exposure to the different topics and question formats, students will be better equipped with the awareness and know-how needed to excel in their tests.

At Primary Three, students are introduced to the brand-new subject of Science. Without the proper reinforcement, some of them may struggle with the subject, which only leads to even worse experiences once they move on to Secondary School. Our PSLE Science course aims to build up a strong Science foundation in our students, coaching them on answering techniques, question analysis, processing skills, and more. The topical approaches each week help students to gain a better understanding of what is required of them in the PSLE Science papers, establishing a firm grasp of core Science concepts and answering format.

Course components include:

  • Topical Approaches
  • Question analysis and processing skills
  • Higher-order science questions
  • Answering techniques
  • A personalized form of teaching and lesson materials
  • Preparation for the PSLE Science exams

Qualification of Teacher

  • Familiar with the Science syllabus and format
  • More than 10 years of teaching experience
  • In charge of setting questions and preparing of lesson materials


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