P3-6 Challenging Primary Science

Your child will be exposed to a very exciting new subject when they start Primary 3. Science is all around us and studying it helps your child to explore the world we live in in a new light because science can be seen and explained almost everywhere. The subject teaches your child everything from the air we breathe, how we remain grounded due to gravity, and how our body system functions. It gives us a way to explore possible solutions to all problems.

Global Education’s P3-6 Challenging Science program aims to cultivate the love for learning the subject and provide a safe and nurturing space to explore this new subject. Our pedagogy helps students develop essential problem-solving skills for the Primary Science general curriculum.

There are a few challenges your child may encounter when they begin their Primary Science journey, and it is perfectly normal. Understandably, a lack of prior knowledge may make science daunting for students, as your child may find it tricky to relate to Science concepts illustrated in their textbook. Another challenge they may face is tackling open-ended questions during tests and exams. This happens when they struggle to produce scientific answers and keywords when attempting questions. If these challenges sound familiar, be assured that your child is not alone and many students are facing the exact challenges.

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What is Included in P3-6 Challenging Science Program?

By joining the P3-6 Challenging Science program, your child will receive weekly exposure to the different topics and question formats. This better equips students with the awareness and know-how needed to excel in their tests. During these lessons, the students will understand common misconceptions and learn how to strategically and proactively seek out common conceptual traps.

Our pedagogy is both academically and holistically driven. Apart from putting them through the rigour of Primary Science, the program wants to inculcate a habit in our students to think deeper and more analytical. This hopes to develop a deeper appreciation of the world we live in because every phenomenon can be explained through science. Furthermore, with the knowledge acquired as a result of studying Science, students can eventually come up with solutions to problems that the world faces. Who knows? they could even be a scientist in the making. On the other hand, the rigour furnishes the foundation for the subject as your child advances along their school years. With the proper reinforcement supported by the program, your child will feel confident once they move on to more advanced Science concepts and Secondary School.

GlobalEdu P3-6 Challenging Science Program

Our P3-6 Challenging Science program aims to build up a strong Science foundation in our students, coaching them on answering techniques, question analysis, processing skills, and more. The topical approaches each week help students to gain a better understanding of what is required of them in the PSLE Science papers, establishing a firm grasp of core Science concepts and answering format.

This program is for students who intend to build a strong foundation in Science and develop an analytical mindset. If your child wants to challenge your brain more and get the best out of themselves, Science is definitely what they want to study. It helps them to have a positive perspective of the world with a better understanding and knowledge at a young age.

Course Components Include:

  • Topical Approaches
  • Question analysis and processing skills
  • Higher-order science questions
  • Answering techniques
  • A personalized form of teaching and lesson materials
  • Preparation for the PSLE Science exams

Qualification of Teacher

  • Familiar with the Science syllabus and format
  • Train students to think analytically and creatively when it comes to solving problems.
  • More than 10 years of teaching experience
  • In charge of setting questions and preparing lesson materials



What is the P3-6 Challenging Science Program?

The P3-6 Challenging Science Program is designed to help students from Primary 3 to 6 build a strong foundation in Science. It includes weekly lessons on various topics and question formats to prepare students for their tests and PSLE Science exams.

How does the program help with open-ended questions?

The program teaches students how to produce scientific answers and use keywords effectively, which is crucial for tackling open-ended questions.

What teaching methods are used?
The program uses a personalized approach with topical approaches, question analysis, processing skills, higher-order science questions, and answering techniques.
How does the program prepare students for the PSLE Science exams?

Through targeted lessons on question analysis, processing skills, and answering techniques, students gain a firm grasp of core concepts and the exam format.

What are the benefits of starting Science education early?

Early exposure to Science helps children develop a positive perspective of the world, understand complex concepts more easily, and foster a love for learning.

What are the issues that the program aims to address?

It tackles common challenges such as understanding new science concepts, relating to textbook material, and answering open-ended questions in exams.

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