Global Mainstream P1-6 Chinese or Higher Chinese

P1-6 Chinese/Higher Chinese

Mandarin- It Gets Better With Use

Our Primary Chinese/Higher Chinese course addresses all aspects of Chinese language acquisition as per tested in school and PSLE. As with our English language courses, focus will also be placed on written and oral expression, and students will get acquainted with test formats corresponding to their academic level or stream.

Additionally, our centre’s Chinese Language tutors are familiar with the MOE school syllabus/ topics. They are well equipped with the most updated and comprehensive lesson materials. As much as possible, we would like to encourage students to incorporate the language in their day-to-day conversation and inculcate the habit to use Chinese Language regularly. In order for the lesson to be more meaningful and interesting, our tutors will also provide additional news articles occasionally and conduct short sharing sessions. Our centre strongly believes in cultivating good reading habits as it is necessary to bring about improvement in our students’ use of the language.


Our Primary Chinese/Higher Chinese course covers: 

Oral Expression (Paper 1)

Develop speaking and presentation skills; capability to communicate effectively with others orally by maintaining self-confidence and composure, clear voice and intonation.

  • Reading aloud
  • Picture discussion
  • Oral conversation

Composition and Essay Writing (Paper 1)

  • Ensures mastery of the primary Chinese language for expressive use of language
  • Develop accurate and proper sentence structure
  • Encourage the use of sophisticated vocabulary phrases and idioms
  • Trained to develop interesting narrative idea and story plot
  • Practice effective time management and essay planning skills to combat the challenges of novel topics and time constraints

Comprehension (Paper 2)

  • Encourages detailed reading and understanding of the given passage
  • Hone skills in answering different types of question/ familiarise with the approaches
  • Trained to make good use of the information provided in the passage to answer questions
  • Sharpens proficiency in expression of opinions for open-ended questions



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