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Our Teaching Philosophy

Talent Can Be Learnt

At Global Education, we strongly believe that IQ is not static, and that it is something which can be developed and stretched. The right attributes will enable your child to become a faster learner, and be more resilient when faced with challenges:

  • a solid foundation of the basics
  • the ability to learn from one’s mistakes
  • the teacher’s awareness of a student’s learning style
  • constantly being challenged with higher-level problems

Students will engage in lively classroom discussion with teachers who guide by providing hints and pointers to them for arriving at the right answers. Our teaching staff are also always on the lookout for patterns in the way the students respond, so that they can adapt their teaching in a way that best fits their pupils.

Education Background

No Child Left Behind

We’d prefer not to assume that our students fall within fixed academic levels and learning types. This is why we do not have prerequisite placement tests and entrance requirements for our Global GEP classes. Children whom we believe can be stretched further will be placed in a higher-level class that is appropriate for them. In addition, our materials are designed, crafted, and regularly updated by experienced teachers and editors, who customise the lessons according to changing education guidelines and individual student’s needs.

Testimonials By Parents And Students

2020 SASMO Gold Award

Gisele’s had started her MO training here for 2 years. She has acquired critical thinking and problem solving skill which Read More

2020 SASMO Gold Award

We were introduced to Global Education Hub by our friend in 2017. Then, our son – Wang Sheng Zhe was Read More

Passed 2018 P3 GEP Round 2 Test

Global Education helped my daughter get into GEP. The materials provided were very useful and the teacher is a great Read More

Passed 2018 P3 GEP Round 2 Test

The TEDO method has helped me deal some questions faster than other people. Many of the math shortcuts have also Read More

Passed 2018 P3 GEP Round 2 Test

Emmanuel’s tutor is a kind and patient teacher who has encouraged him to persevere with difficult maths questions. She’s a Read More

Parent of student from Nanyang Primary who scored 276 in 2017 PSLE:

“My son enjoyed working on the challenging math problems at Global Education Hub. The teacher is kind and encouraging, who Read More

Parent of student from White Sands Primary who had passed 2017 P3 GEP Selection Test Round 2:

“My child has been selected into the Gifted Education Programme. I would like to thank Global Education for training my Read More

Mrs Tan (Parent of student from White Sands Primary who had passed 2017 P3 GEP Selection Test Round 2):

“The team of teachers and receptionists in Global Education Hub are very encouraging and friendly which make students love going Read More

2017 A Levels H2 Math: A

Math had been consistently a struggle over the 2 years as evident from my consistent S grades from Y5 to Read More

2017 A Levels H2 Math: A

I'm really glad to have signed up for these sessions, even if it's just for a short 3 plus months. Read More

2017 A Levels H2 Math: A

The teacher is very patient in explaining to us questions and solutions that we might take a while to understand. Read More

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