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Our Holiday Programmes are specially designed to keep students to be productive and afresh before the school bell starts ringing again! We have prepared a wide range of courses such as Enrichment Classes and Examination & Competition Preparatory Programmes (GEP Preparation, Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, PSLE preparation) and Direct School Admission (DSA) Programmes. Our holiday class strive to keep our students to be better equipped with the awareness and know-how needed to excel in their exams.

Have the little ones been idling at home, unable to self-study? Get them back into the swing of revision with our slew of holiday classes. We have a variety of subjects to choose from which run for the length of every school holiday, be it the month-long semester break in June and December or the one-week term break in March and September. These can be valuable blocks of time for revision, especially for students sitting for the upcoming PSLE examinations. In addition to topic revision, we also cover preparation for DSA admission, which can give students a jumpstart in clinching their spot in a coveted secondary school. We revise more than just the topics taught in school. Most of our classes include bonus syllabus material from the Maths and Science Olympiad, guaranteed to give our students enough to think about over the holidays. Topics are taught in a fun and enriching manner which enables students to keep practising until they return to school. Our short-term holiday classes are also perfect for parents and students wanting a glimpse of what our typical courses are like. Regardless of a student’s stream or subjects, our packed holiday class schedule will definitely have something for everyone.

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