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H2 Chemistry

Chemical bonding, transition elements, hydroxy compounds….fear not! Our tutors are here to save the grade!


Our H2 JC Chemistry Programme prepares students for all components of the GCE A’ Level Chemistry paper. Students will go through the various topics based on the latest H2 Chemistry syllabus and get acquainted with the format and requirements for doing well. As many students struggle with Chemistry, our JC Chemistry tutors are more than aware of that. Hence, they have tailored a teaching methodology which students will find much simpler to understand.

Chemistry, especially at the JC level, can be a difficult subject for students. With the high levels of memory work and understanding required, students may find themselves losing interest in the subject especially if they do not know how it can be applied to real life. In our JC Chemistry classes, we use a teaching method that simplifies Chemistry theories and delivers each concept to students in a way that is easy to understand. Students will be introduced to real-life applications of the topics in their syllabus and realise that there is nothing to fear from ‘A’ level JC Chemistry.

Chemistry Programme

Course components include:

  • Development of analytical skills
  • Usage of Chemistry terminologies
  • Understanding real world applications of Chemistry concepts
  • Drilling on hot exam questions in the latest syllabus


Qualification of our JC Chemistry tutor:

  • Honor degree in Chemistry
  • NUS graduate with 1 semester dean list.
  • NIE Postgraduate diploma in Education Programmes (PGDE)
  • 12 years of experience as private tutor
  • 5 years of experience as MOE school teacher.

JC Chemistry tutor

Weightage for H2 Chemistry in A’ Levels

There will be 4 papers in total which all candidates are required to sit for.

1. Paper 1 (15%) : One hour paper with 30 multiple choice questions

2. Paper 2 (30%): One hour paper with structured questions.

3. Paper 3 (35%): Two hours paper consisting of two sections with free response questions.

4. Paper 4 (20%): Two hours and thirty minutes of practical test.





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