Global Mainstream P1-6 Math

P1-6 Challenging Math

Our Primary Mainstream Math/Challenging Math course is an extra-curriculum program which aids students to score in school examinations. The lesson curriculum and worksheets are designed to hone student’s problem-solving skills and allow them to master all topics that are eventually covered in the PSLE. As the term progresses, students will be guided on the relevant maths concepts and exposed to various types of questions. Hence, they will be able to apply concepts learned with ease.

As an enrichment program, Primary Mainstream Maths students will be introduced to methods beyond the classroom, including more efficient ways of solving Maths problems which promote faster and higher-order thinking. Designed with the aim of scoring in PSLE Maths, our curriculum drills students on challenging questions straight from the examination syllabus. Each lesson covers materials from selected topics and is structured in such a way that no student leaves the classroom without a clear understanding of the lesson’s concepts. Eventually, students will be able to solve questions from all topics in Primary Mainstream Maths quickly and efficiently, making the final paper no obstacle for them.

Our Primary Mainstream Math coursework will be covering challenging mathematical concepts:

  • Fast and higher-order thinking
  • Topic-based materials
  • Common Multiple Approach
  • Number Patterns
  • Problem Sums


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