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P1-6 Challenging Math

It is crucial to building a strong Maths foundation in your child’s early years. Primary Maths in Singapore is the bedrock that may determine how fast and effectively your child can pick up new Maths skills throughout his schooling journey.

The benefits of having a strong Maths foundation are that it can provide a constructive way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigour. Furthermore, Maths knowledge can play a crucial role in understanding the contents of other school subjects taught like science, social studies, and even music and art.

The courses we offer see this as a priority. This is especially true when it comes to our Primary Mainstream Math/Challenging Math course. The course is an extra-curriculum program that aids students to score in school examinations. This is done through grasping the basics of Primary Maths as well as cultivating the joy of learning the subject.

GlobalEdu Approach for P1-6 Maths

Our tutors carry the pedagogical approach and the capabilities to uphold rigour and excellence. Our lesson curriculum and worksheets are designed to hone a student’s problem-solving skills and allow them to be proficient in all topics that are eventually covered in the PSLE. The curriculum will go at a comfortable yet stimulating pace that will challenge each individual to nurture their true potential.

Through this, as the term progresses, students will have built the confidence to tackle more challenging Math concepts and be exposed to various types of questions. This will be alongside the tutor’s guidance. This allows them to apply concepts learnt with ease.

GlobalEdu P1-6 Maths Program

Because it is an enrichment program, students can look forward to an in-depth understanding of Primary Maths topics and learning methods beyond the classroom. This not only includes advanced problem solving techniques, but also soft skills including critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills are enhanced when we get our students to focus on making connections and thinking outside the box. This is also called systems thinking. Students are trained to face complex cross-topic problems. These skills promote higher-order thinking and they will improve the time it takes to solve some of the toughest math questions in the exams. This is mainly possible because Primary Mainstream Maths students will be introduced to methods beyond the classroom. The nurturance and cultivation of the students will give them the confidence to score well in the toughest math exams.

Reiterating the value of a strong Maths foundation, each lesson the student attends will cover materials from relevant and selected topics and it is structured in such a way that we do not leave any student behind without a clear understanding of the lesson’s concepts. We recognise that this is especially crucial because building confidence in your child is the priority and solution to building a strong foundation.

The values we cultivate throughout this whole program are resilience amidst adversity, rigour, and critical thinking. The powerful tools taught in GobalEdu will not only enable them to simplify complicated problems but also make them less prone to careless mistakes.

At the end of the program, students will have the confidence to solve questions from all the topics in Primary Mainstream Maths. Beyond that, the practice of rigour and critical thinking will also have a trickle-down effect benefiting the student’s understanding of other school subjects including science and social studies.

Eventually, our students will be able to solve questions from all topics in Primary Mainstream Maths quickly and efficiently, making the final paper no obstacle for them.

Our Primary Mainstream Math coursework will be covering challenging mathematical concepts:

  • Fast and higher-order thinking
  • Topic-based materials
  • Common Multiple Approach
  • Number Patterns
  • Problem Sums


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