H2 Economics

“Economics is the art to meet unlimited needs with scarce resources.” – Laurence J. Peter


Our H2 JC Economics Programme equips students with an in-depth understanding of key economic concepts that are covered in the syllabus. During group sessions, students will discuss real-world events that had raised debate amongst economists, and learn to question economic theories, ie. how applicable are those theories in real-life situations? Additionally, they will receive carefully-crafted notes which are fruits of labor from our tutors, after many years of teaching experience and taking into consideration the common struggles faced by students. Most of all, our teachers make lessons interactive and engaging for the students, encouraging them to speak up in class and clear their doubts proactively. At the end of the day, students will learn to explain and analyse economic issues using economic reasoning and come up with their own evaluations.

In our JC Economics class, students will delve into exciting discussions and debates regarding the economic theories in their syllabus. Instead of merely understanding the topics taught in school, our students will be trained to pose questions and form a detailed analysis of real-world events. They will be able to use economic reasoning to derive their own evaluations. Our JC Economics program introduces students to different question types that are similar to the structure of the ‘A’ level Economics examination. Apart from developing a keen mind, students will also have the opportunity to hone their academic writing, critical thinking, and vocal skills in a safe classroom scenario.

Economics Programme

Course Components Include:

  • Understanding of economic theories and application on real-life examples
  • Familiarize with essay structures
  • Forming a detailed analysis of different question types
  • Academic writing skills
  • Development of critical thinking skills

Qualification of Our Economics Tutor:

  • Honors Degree in Economics
  • MOE trained and specialist teachers for JC economics
  • 8 years of teaching experience
  • Record: 100% A and B for H1 and H2 students

Economics tutor

H2 Economics Syllabus

  1. Scarcity
  2. Price Mechanism and Applications
  3.  Firms and Decisions
  4. Market Failure
  5.  Introduction to Macroeconomics
  6. Macroeconomic Aims and Policies
  7. Globalisation and International Economy

Get JC Economics Tuition in Singapore with Global Education Hub

At Global Education Hub, we advocate a comprehensive approach to mastering Economics, prioritizing thorough comprehension of core syllabus concepts before delving into application strategies during assessments. Our seasoned tutors for both H1 and H2 Economics are dedicated to elucidating the significance of concepts, their strategic implementation in examinations, and the methodical process of crafting responses.

With a track record of efficacy, we provide unparalleled support tailored to address the challenges commonly encountered by economics students. A key component of our commitment to academic excellence is creating an environment conducive to the development of an environment that empowers students to reach their full academic potential in Economics classes H1 and H2.



What is the importance of studying JC Economics?

JC Economics provides students with a foundational understanding of economic principles crucial for analyzing real-world events. It makes informed decisions and participates in discussions about economic policies and global issues.

How will JC Economics tuition benefit me?

Our JC Economics tuition offers personalized attention, in-depth explanations of complex concepts, exam-focused strategies, and opportunities for critical thinking development. All of which enhance your understanding and performance in Economics.

What sets Global Education Hub’s JC Economics program apart?
Global Education Hub’s program emphasizes not only comprehension of syllabus content but also application strategies, exam techniques, and critical thinking skills development. Our experienced tutors provide tailored support to address students’ learning needs effectively.
How can I improve my essay writing skills for JC Economics?

Our program includes structured guidance on essay writing, covering aspects such as essay structure, argument development, evidence selection, and evaluation techniques. Through practice and feedback, students refine their writing skills for optimal performance in examinations.

What support do you offer for understanding challenging economic theories?

Our tutors provide students with fascinating conversations and clear explanations of complex economic topics, aided by their considerable teaching experience and honors degrees in economics. Additionally, they offer real-world examples and useful applications to improve retention and comprehension.

How can I enroll in JC Economics tuition at Global Education Hub?

For further information regarding our JC Economics tuition program, you can submit an online inquiry through our online registration portal or contact our team directly via phone or email for further guidance and assistance.

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