H2 Mathematics

H1/H2 Mathematics

You have to be odd to be number one.


Our H1/H2 JC Maths Programme prepares JC students for the GCE A level H2 Mathematics Examinations through drilling on their mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills. Firstly, students will learn the different solving methods that are necessary in their syllabus and understand the derivation of concepts and formula. Then, they will move on to apply the concepts learned on questions that are compiled by topics. This training style allows them to familiarize with all kinds of questions and know immediately the methods of approach required.


Course components include:

  • Drilling on exam hot questions and important topics
  • Development of ability to recognize patterns and contexts
  • Reading of statistical and graphical information
  • Self-evaluation of mathematical results
  • Logical reasoning


Qualification of our H2 Mathematics tutors:

  • MOE-trained, current JC teacher
  • Record: 100% A for H2 Mathematics in A’ Levels


Weightage of H2 Paper in A-level

Paper 1: 50%

It is a 3 hours paper, covering pure mathematics section of the syllabus.  The paper may consist 10 to 12 questions.

Paper 2: 50%

It is a 3 hours paper consisting of two sections. Section A with 4 to 5 questions covering pure mathematics (40 marks). While Section B with 6 to 8 questions covering probability and statistics (60 marks).


Weightage of H1 paper in A- level

For H1 JC Maths examination, there will be a 3 hours paper marked out of the total score of 100.

Section A (40%) covers pure mathematics section of the syllabus.

Section B (60%) covers probability and statistics section of the syllabus.


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