P4-6 GEP English

“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it, than we do from learning the answer itself.” – Lloyd Alexander


Our P4-6 High Ability English course caters to students who have entered the GEP program in their respective schools and also those who aim to ace their primary English Language. Due to the nature of the GEP curriculum, students are exposed to many different text types, complex problems, and they will engage in plenty of group work. The questions covered in the GEP syllabus are broad and challenging, hence our teachers will provide students with various forms of comprehension passages, an advanced vocabulary bank, and writing tips and drills, so as to widen the students’ exposure as much as possible. Furthermore, our courses designed to prepare students for the upcoming PSLE English exams.

We aim to cultivate a love for English and reading in every child. From classic novels to non-fiction articles, students are taught to digest and understand different types of texts and answer a variety of questions based on their comprehension. They are introduced to the world of creative writing, honing their self-expression and sowing the seeds for an important lifelong skill.

Along with reading and writing, students will pick up extensive vocabulary which can be easily applied to their daily lives, enabling them to read and understand more advanced material. Of course, students will gain large amounts of general knowledge from the content covered in class, as well as from their own reading.

Focused on high ability language, the skills taught in class will give students an edge in upper primary English and gear them for the PSLE English examinations. Additionally, the students will have plenty of opportunities to practice working with others and vocalising their ideas in group work settings during our classes. Whether they aim to score in the PSLE, to improve their grasp of English or both, we are confident that our students will walk out of our Primary English and PSLE English classes with a newfound appreciation for the English language and its culture.

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Our Centre’s Course Aims To Help Students Through

  • Meaningful discussion of themes and motifs in literary contexts
  • Promotion of self-expression in essay-writing and speech
  • Development of more advanced vocabulary, idioms, and phrases
  • Preparation for the PSLE exams

Paper 1 (Composition)

  • Generate good stories starters (introduction), in-depth characters, suspense, climax, and impactfull closures
  • 5W1H details (who, what, when, where, why, how)
  • Cultivate effective use of creative expressions and vocabulary

Both picture and situational writing will be covered.

Paper 2

  • Foster good regular reading habits
  • Expose students to general knowledge (news articles and real-life examples)
  • Boost grasp in grammar and vocabulary
  • Train on the understanding and answering skills in close passages and comprehension

Paper 2

Qualification of Our Primary English Tutor:

  • Bachelor of Arts (English Language) and Master of Education
  • 10 years of teaching experience, specialising in Primary and Secondary English
  • In-charge of worksheet preparation



What is the P4-6 GEP English program?

The P4-6 GEP English program is designed for students in the Gifted Education Program (GEP) and those aiming to excel in primary English. It covers various text types, and complex problems, and includes group work to enhance learning.

How does the English program prepare students for the PSLE exam?

To prepare for PSLE English, students in the GEP English program learn how to evaluate and understand various texts, improve their writing skills, expand their vocabulary, and practice composition and understanding which are very crucial for PSLE English.

What skills will my child learn in this program?
Your child will examine advanced vocabulary, comprehension strategies, creative writing skills, and the way to express themselves successfully in English. They will also broaden their love for studying and gain general knowledge.
Is group work a part of the learning process?

Yes, group work is an integral part of the program, allowing students to practice collaborating with peers and vocalizing their ideas, which enhances their learning experience.

What kinds of writing will my kid be exposed to?

In addition to learning how to write both creatively and situationally, your child will also learn how to create stories with interesting storylines, characters, and beginnings. They will also acquire effective vocabulary and creative expression strategies.

How are reading skills improved by the program?

Students are given access to a range of texts, including news stories and real-world situations, to improve their understanding and vocabulary. Regular reading habits are also encouraged.

Can my child’s general knowledge be improved by this program?

Students will indeed gain an important amount of general knowledge from the material taught in class and from the suggested reading, which is good for their education overall.

How does the program tackle vocabulary development?

The focus of the course is on utilizing a variety of texts and creative writing tasks to build an advanced vocabulary that includes idioms and phrases.

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