Math/ Science Olympiad

Math Olympiad

Training in Math Olympiad is the most direct way to hone one’s Math skills at the highest level, as students will be exposed to various mind-boggling questions which challenges them to explore concepts and discover the magical properties of numbers. With the academic bar set much higher in examinations since primary school, questions at competitive Math Olympiad levels are finding their way into the school papers even though these questions are not explicitly within the syllabus, and are never taught to the students in school. In addition, proficiency in Math Olympiad examinations can grant students an automatic place in the Direct School Admission (DSA) and serve as credentials for preferential university placement.

Students enrolled in this course will be prepared for various competitions from Primary to Secondary level.

Competition for Primary 5: NMOS

Students will be trained for National Maths Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) competition organised by NUS High School.

Competition for Primary 6: APMOPS

Students will be trained for Singapore Maths Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS) competition and top 200 students will be invited for Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad Primary School (APMOPS) competition organised by Hwa Chong Institution.

Competition for Secondary: SASMO and SMO

Students will be trained for Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) competition and Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) competition organised by Singapore Mathematical Society.

*Primary Math Olympiad / Secondary Math Olympiad

Science Olympiad

Achievement in the Science Olympiad Competition will provide students with better credential to the Direct School Admission (DSA) selection and even for University Admission. The preparation for the competition will widen their knowledge in Science and its related fields. Our lessons are conducted in a fun and interactive classroom environment, with teachers who are knowledgeable and familiar with the question types of Science Olympiad through their years of experience.

We have:

  • Question bank from various sources
  • Collection of past year competition questions
  • Personalized form of teaching and lesson materials

Competition for Primary

Students will be trained for Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO) which is organized by the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. This competition is open mainly to Primary Five pupils.

Competition for Secondary

Students will be trained for Singapore Junior Science Olympiad (categorized into Biology, Chemistry and Physics) which is conducted annually for Year 3 and 4 students.


Our Achievements on IMSO (International Maths & Science Olympiad)

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