PSLE Maths

PSLE Maths

The building of a strong Maths foundation in your child’s early years has led to one key moment, which is the PSLE Maths examination. As a parent, we know the application of Maths is needed everywhere in Singapore, from calculating expenses to a job in engineering and even investments. A strong Maths foundation provides a constructive way of building mental discipline and encourages reasoning and mental rigour.

The annual PSLE Maths syllabus intends to instil students with the mastery of Mathematics that will serve them better in the future and open up the possibilities for those interested in pursuing maths at a higher level. This is done through the application of various mathematical concepts and processes to show students how to think logically, analyse complicated problems and solve issues effectively. There are three broad aims of the Maths syllabus according to the Ministry of Education (MOE):

  • Perform straightforward computations and algebraic procedures
  • Understand and apply mathematical concepts and skills in a variety of contexts
  • Analyse information and make inferences, selecting appropriate strategies to solve problems

Naturally, many parents and students find PSLE Maths one of the most feared and most important PSLE subjects. At Global Education, we aim to take that fear away by equipping and empowering students with the right skills and knowledge to tackle the syllabus one question at a time.

Maths Foundation

PSLE Maths Tutor Helps Child to Conquer Challenges

Common challenges seen by students are often keyword identification, where they are not able to recognise keywords in problem sums. Another challenge is the limited strategies that they have been taught. The narrow knowledge restricts them from answering several questions, often seen by questions being left blank. Lastly, poor execution. This especially happens when it comes to trick questions.

Hard work, perseverance, and practice are needed to score well in PSLE. However, the perfect equation to excelling is also through Global Education’s pedagogical approach and process.

Our tutors carry this pedagogical approach and the capabilities to uphold rigour and excellence. Our lesson curriculum and worksheets are designed to hone a student’s problem-solving skills and allow them to be proficient in all topics covered in the PSLE. The curriculum will go at a comfortable yet stimulating pace that will challenge each individual to nurture their true potential. We intend to tackle the PSLE questions with different methods to ensure your child knows how to address a variety of problem sums.

Through this form of experiential learning, as the term progresses, students will be immune to the trickiest math questions as they have built the confidence to tackle more challenging Math concepts by being exposed to a variety of problem sums. Alongside our qualified tutors, they will allow the students to apply the concepts learnt with ease.

We do not leave any student behind without a clear understanding of each lesson’s concepts. This is a priority for us because we understand the importance of building confidence in every child. Apart from the critical concepts taught throughout the whole program, we cultivate values including resilience amidst adversity, rigour, and critical thinking. The powerful tools taught in GobalEdu will not only enable them to simplify complicated problems but also make them less prone to careless mistakes.

At the end of the program, students will have the ability and confidence to solve the questions asked in the PSLE Maths examination. Beyond that, the practice of rigour and critical thinking will also have a trickle-down effect benefiting the student’s understanding of other school subjects including science and social studies.

Choose the Best PSLE Maths Tuition For Your Child

With the right guidance and resources, your child can achieve their desired grades too. We have a structured plan that is designed to prioritise your child’s individual learning needs and guide them along the path toward achieving success at the PSLE.

Qualification of our PSLE Maths Teachers:

  • Bachelor of Science (Highest Distinction Hons.) in Applied Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Economics
  • Familiar with the GEP syllabus and format
  • More than 10 years of teaching experience
  • In charge of setting questions and preparing lesson materials



What is the Global Education Hub Singapore PSLE Math Course?

The objective of Global Education Hub Singapore’s PSLE Math Course is to give students a solid understanding of mathematics to prepare students for the PSLE Math exam. It includes a variety of mathematical ideas and procedures to support students’ logical thinking, in-depth problem analysis, and efficient problem-solving.

Why is math crucial for Singaporean students?

For students in Singapore, math is essential as it’s used in everything from budgeting to engineering and investing jobs. Analytical abilities, self-control, and logic are promoted by an established mathematical base.

What extra-curricular benefits does the PSLE Math Course provide students?
Students who take the course acquire analytical and problem-solving abilities that help them in other courses such as science and social studies in addition to being prepared for the PSLE Maths test.
How can students get beyond common challenges in PSLE Math with the help of Global Education Hub?

The teachers at Global Education Hub use an instructional strategy that helps students learn more about trick challenges, broaden their problem-solving techniques, and identify keywords in problem numbers.

Which methods of teaching are used in the PSLE Math Course?

Worksheets aimed to improve problem-solving abilities, organized instruction, and experiential learning are all used in this course. Tutors encourage students to realize their potential while guiding them at a comfortable pace.

How is the PSLE Math Course offered by Global Education Hub unique from others?

To distinguish itself from other education centers, Global Education Hub uses a pedagogical style, experienced tutors, and a curriculum that meets each student’s specific learning needs.

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