Register for your Child's Primary and Secondary English Class

Register for your Child’s Primary and Secondary English Class
January 8, 2022

Say Goodbye to your Child’s Learning Struggles with English!

English is not only a subject but a common language too!

English is seen as a language instead of a subject. It is one of the most common main administrative languages here in Singapore and in other parts of the world that we can work and communicate in. This language has many phrases and words with multiple different meanings. Hence it will be more challenging to grasp and excel without a thorough understanding.

Importance of English:

Having a solid grasp of English lays the foundation for a large part of your child’s education and life beyond that. Most Singaporeans struggle in speaking and writing perfect English. Your child’s skills for listening, reading, speaking, and writing is essential not just to understand lessons in English but also to help understand other subject concepts such as Maths and Science.

Our highly qualified teachers encourage students to develop their solutions and problem-solving paths to push their boundaries. Learning this skill helps your child get high academic scores and helps them build a strong foundation in their future career!

If any of your children are struggling in English or want to score better in English at school, enroll your child in our English classes to help them secure high academic scores in their English subject.

Our primary English and secondary programs in English help your child build confidence to enjoy learning new concepts and skills while nurturing a love for learning in school. Our highly qualified teachers teach English lessons for both primary and secondary students.

Types of tuition in Singapore

Tuition is essential for every school student. This will help them to get high marks in their academics. However, to score good marks in their academics, your child needs to devote a lot of time, effort, preparation, and hard work. There are three types of English tuition in Singapore that you can choose any of those types includes the following:

  1. Group tuition
  2. 1-to-1 private tuition
  3. Online tuition

What is Group tuition?

Group tuition involves tutors teaching a given number of students, not a whole classroom. This group tuition arrangement will enable the tutor or teacher to focus exclusively on a small number of learners, usually in a separate classroom or working area.

What is 1-to-1 private tuition?

Personal tutoring is conducted at the student’s home or any convenient location.

What is Online tuition?

Online tuition is Home-based or off-site learning conducted online. A stable internet connection, a device with a microphone, and video software are essential for online education. Your child doesn’t sit for long periods like physical classes in this online class. The class may be conducted through apps like Zoom, google classroom, seesaw, etc.,

How to pick the correct primary and secondary English tuition for my child?

In Singapore, there are plenty of English tuition centers to choose from. You have to pick the right tuition center for your child since it is more important to give them a great future. You have to choose the tuition based on teaching experience, track record, and students feedback.

What can you expect from us?

Our primary and Secondary English tutorial classes focus on creative writing, close passages, comprehension, and others. As a result, your child can confidently tackle all sorts of challenges in their examinations. In addition, your child can think and learn smarter through our all-rounded education and Teaching Smart methods.

You can see improvements in the summary making. You can expect your child to answer any questions accurately within a second. Our education system will help your child gain vital knowledge and learn unique concepts required during examinations. We are giving you an assurance that your child will learn new ideas and perspectives in every lesson.

Other ways that help your child improve their English knowledge include reading books, which is a great way to improve their English; practicing verbal English with a native English speaker can help them learn English. In addition, tutoring programs can often help your child improve their English.

We are Nurturing Critical Thinkers and Effective Communicators

The transition to secondary school is a momentous step for every child. Your child will be filled with nervous excitement and wonder. If they have been admitted to the school of their choice, the whole family will likely invest time and effort to reach this pivotal stage.

Our programs empower students to navigate the academic and social landscape in secondary school to build the confidence to manage schoolwork and communicate with others. So why are you still delaying making your child’s life easier? Enroll your child in our English classes to help them secure high academic scores in their English subject as well as shine their future!

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