Improve Your Child English Skills by Hiring an English Tuition

Improve Your Child English Skills by Hiring an English Tuition
March 7, 2023

If you are the parent of a student in Singapore, chances are you have heard about the importance of English tuition. But why is it so important?

Taking up English tuition can help your child build a strong foundation for their PSLE or IP English (Integrated Programme) exam, giving them the best chance to succeed. Here are four reasons why English tuition is essential for PSLE and IP preparation.

1. Improved Exam Techniques and Structures

English exams are a major challenge for many students. One of the most important things students must understand is that not all questions are created equal. In other words, each type of exam question requires a different approach when it comes to structuring your answer.

For example, essay questions require students to develop an argument based on research and analysis while multiple-choice questions might require the student to choose one answer out of four or five choices given.

Learning how best to structure your answers according to the type of question asked is essential if you are looking for top marks in any English exam.

Being able to recognize what kind of question you have been asked and then being able formulate the correct response will help ensure your success in any language test or assessment you take throughout high school, college, or university education.

Additionally, learning how best to scaffold an answer based on the specific requirements set out by the examiner will give your writing order and coherence – qualities which are often highly rated by markers and which could result in higher grades overall!

2. Increased Comprehension Skills

Comprehension skills refer to the ability to understand, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of sources, including books, articles, lectures, conversations, and more. These skills allow students to make connections between different pieces of information in order to form meaning out of them.

Specifically with regards to the IP and PSLE English exams, comprehension skills enable students to answer questions accurately by understanding the main idea of the passage. It also enables them to identify key details such as character traits or plot points which will be asked in the exam questions.

It is clear that comprehension skills are an invaluable tool when it comes to tackling any kind of English assessment such as the PSLE or IP Exams. By helping your child develop his or her comprehension abilities through regular practice and guidance from experienced tutors if necessary, you can set him or her up for success on these tests!

With strong comprehension abilities under their belts, your children will have an easier time understanding written materials as well as writing thought-out arguments—skills that will prove useful not just during examinations but also throughout their academic journey!

3. Improved Writing Skills

It’s no surprise that writing is a key skill needed for success in the PSLE or IP exam. Writing practice helps students become more familiar with different questions they may encounter on the exam.

It also helps them develop their essay-writing skills, which is an important part of the exam. In addition, writing practice can help build confidence as they get used to expressing themselves through written words. This is especially important since many PSLE and IP exams involve essay-writing components which require students to respond to questions with well thought out answers.

Writing also helps improve language skills such as reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. Students can hone these skills by reading articles related to the topics covered in their exam and then summarizing what they have read or by rewriting sentences from articles in their own words. This is an effective way for students to develop their understanding of language while also learning new words and expressions that will be useful during the exam.

Finally, writing practice helps students develop time management skills which are essential for doing well on any type of test or exam. By setting aside dedicated time for writing practice each week, students can learn how to manage their time more effectively when it comes to studying for the PSLE or IP exams.

4. Enhanced Language Proficiency

Last but not least, English tuition classes aim at improving students’ overall language proficiency by teaching them grammar rules along with proper usage of words in sentences or phrases – something which is essential for any language assessment test like the PSLE or IP exam. Grammar rules such as subject-verb agreement, tense, active/passive voice, etc., can all be taught during these classes so that your child has a strong command over the language when taking their exams.


As you can see, there are numerous benefits of enrolling your child into an English tuition class before they sit for either the PSLE or Integrated Programme (IP) exam. Not only do these classes teach useful techniques that can be applied directly towards performing better on these tests, they also provide guidance on how best to utilise the time available during examinations. By enrolling your child into one of these classes, you are giving them the best chance possible at succeeding in these highly competitive assessments.

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