June 7, 2022

Coding classes in Singapore are the new in-thing for children of all ages. Whether your kids are in kindergarten or finishing JC, it is never too late for them to start learning to code. While not every child will end up in a job that requires coding knowledge, taking a basic coding course in Singapore is still extremely useful in equipping your child with valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills. In today’s technologically enhanced world, it definitely pays for the future generation to be tech-savvy and know their way around a computer. That’s why basic coding courses in Singapore are so popular because they make for a great introduction to the world of computers regardless of one’s skill level.

Top factors to consider in choosing a coding class in Singapore

Personal Interest

Code is comprised of many different languages that humans can use to communicate with computers. Just like there are different languages in each part of the world, there are also different coding languages in the technological world, be it for websites, mobile apps, computer systems, or machines. For example, JavaScript is commonly used to teach students about front-end applications, while Python is the go-to starter language for server-side programming and algorithm processing. JavaScript may be a more suitable choice if your child wants to learn to build websites, whereas if your child is interested in coding for robotics, they may benefit more from learning Python. Some people may find certain coding languages easier to learn than others, so it is all about trying different things until you find your cup of tea.

Additionally, there are also coding classes in Singapore that do not focus on one particular programming language, but rather teach the raw fundamentals and concepts of coding. These are often taught to very young children in a visual format, where children can drag and drop different coloured blocks that simulate how real code works. In this way, kids can be exposed to the very basic concepts of coding, including conditional statements, loops, input, and arrays, all in a fun and entertaining style. If your child does not know what they want to pursue yet, this can be a great option to build up some programming soft skills without actually specialising in any language yet.

Cost and Packages

The pricing for coding class Singapore can vary wildly. They may have different payment schemes, such as by month, by term, by semester, or even by lesson. Some schools require you to pay a deposit or the full amount upfront. It is a good idea to do some research on the school for coding you are looking at and find out what their payment schemes are like. If classes are still something very new to you and your child, you may want to look for a more flexible or shorter term package to test the waters first. This could help avoid situations where you end up committing to an entire year of lessons, only to find out after the first few classes that your child does not enjoy it. Check the flexibility of your package and whether you could potentially transfer your child to another class in the same school if they might prefer a different teacher, learning environment, or coding language.

Teaching Method

Picking the right class for your child is just like searching for the right tuition centre. Every teacher has their own approach to teaching programming, and some children may prefer certain styles over others. One major consideration should be whether you want the class to be held online or in-person. Ever since the pandemic, the number of online classes has risen exponentially, and now it is fairly common for programming classes to be held online instead of in a tuition centre. Online classes have their benefits – your child can save on commute time, learn from the comfort of their room, and you can simply let your child learn on your home desktop instead of investing in a portable laptop to bring to class. However, online learners may also miss out on the social interaction with their fellow classmates. If your child prefers more engagement with the class and their peers, you may want to look for a face-to-face class instead.

Kickstart your child’s coding journey today!

In the end, there is no single best coding school as it all depends on you and your child’s individual preferences. If you are not sure what to go for, try looking at the different classes each school offers and what your child can gain out of them. You may be able to find schools for coding offering trial lessons, which can greatly help in giving you an idea of how a typical class is conducted.

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