How to Bridge the Subject Gap Between JC and Secondary School

How to Bridge the Subject Gap Between JC and Secondary School
January 9, 2023

Students moving on to JC from secondary school will find two new subjects on their plate: JC Economics and General Paper. These are two important subjects every JC student needs to excel in, but unfortunately, some JC students end up struggling with them. Students may find the heavy content gaps too difficult to manage without the correct study techniques. Without prior knowledge of economics or general paper, how can one bridge the gap and transition smoothly from secondary school to JC? Let us look at what each of these subjects is about.

JC Economics

JC economics teaches students about the economy in the real world, which is extremely relevant and a must for any student looking to go into business, marketing, or even entrepreneurship. Economics is available as a H1 and H2 subject, with the H2 syllabus comprising microeconomics and macroeconomics. The final exam comes in the form of three essays and two case studies, which students will have to familiarise themselves with.

Economics is all about managing supply and demand. More than just finance, economics teaches us about opportunity costs, resource management, and how some countries can sustain a thriving economy amidst inflation. These are all relevant real-world issues that can form the basis of many conversations among peers, colleagues and superiors.

Why learn economics? Well, economics is a valuable subject that can be used later in university and at the workplace. In fact, JC economics helps students to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, teaching them important analysis methods that will come in handy when they move on to work life. Even if you do not plan to pursue a career in business, studying JC economics will help you to be relevant in any job by providing a deeper understanding of the working world. Almost every JC student will end up taking economics, either as a core subject in the arts stream or the contrasting art subject in the science stream, so economics has become one of the expected subjects in further education and the workplace.

JC General Paper

Is it true that it is impossible to study for General Paper? You may have heard that even with JC General Paper tuition, it is difficult to fully prepare for GP, creating a source of anxiety for many students.

GP aims to cultivate an awareness of the world we live in and the current political, economical, societal and historical issues the world is facing. A wide variety of real-world topics are covered by GP, ranging from historical events to 21st-century controversies such as social media and environmental issues. While it may have been possible to memorise and regurgitate model essays for secondary school, JC-level GP essays require a higher level of thinking, understanding and evaluation. GP tests a student’s maturity of thought, capacity for independent reading and research, and communication skills. It consists of two papers, the essay and the comprehension. Each paper tests a different skill set.

Although it is true that the scope of GP is wide and you may not be able to memorise any textbooks for the paper, there are several study tips that can help you stand a better chance at earning that distinction. For instance, one of the most important tricks to scoring well in GP is to hone your writing skills and drive a solid point that addresses the essay topic. Apart from knowing the syllabus, students are also expected to put their knowledge into words and answer three essay questions. In this regard, practice makes perfect – the more you write, the easier it will be to write fluently and succinctly and deliver a sound argument.

It is also important to read widely for GP, not just on Singapore’s current affairs, but also on trending topics all around the world. Even if the topic was not covered in class, being able to cross-reference a relevant situation that has happened in the real world will put you one step ahead of your peers.

What’s the Best Way to Do Well?

JC Economics and General Paper may sound daunting as new subjects for students moving on from secondary school, but they do not have to be all that difficult. Students do need to be prepared to absorb much more content than required in secondary school. To internalise all of this content, you may find study techniques such as flashcards and notes useful. Additionally, it may also help to seek aid from JC General Paper tuition or Economics tuition. A tutor can be an invaluable resource that provides you with past-year papers and also gives personalised feedback on areas of improvement in your essays.

With the correct guidance and study tips, students can rest assured that they are sufficiently prepared for the Economics and General Paper A-level examinations!

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