Do You Still Need Tuition in JC?

Do You Still Need Tuition in JC?
June 21, 2021

Many people associate tuition classes with primary or secondary school. Even at those levels, tuition classes are often considered to be either a luxury service or for those who are really falling behind. However, is tuition still relevant in JC? What can tuition help JC students with? Are tuition classes actually beneficial or just an added commodity for the kiasu?

There are no clear answers to these question as the need for JC tuition depends on each individual. To help you out, we have listed down some reasons why you may want to consider tuition for JC.

The JC Curriculum is Tight

The JC syllabus like JC chemistry is crafted to span three years, but for most JC students, it is crammed into a period of less than two years. This is on top of CCA and external commitments that can really take up a student’s time. Most JC students can attest to the fact that they barely have enough time to complete their homework, much less revise their work. In JC, students must quickly get used to their new packed schedules and sort out time management to survive.

Students are also required to take more in-depth subjects than in primary or secondary school. Often, these subjects require a full understanding and application of the subject matter, which means that studying is of even more importance since one cannot simply memorise the model answers without absorbing the content. Multiply the time required to study each subject by the number of subjects each student is expected to take, and one tends to wonder how a student can squeeze out enough time for everything.

The JC Environment is Competitive

It is not uncommon to start a fresh year in JC and notice that a number of your classmates already know topics that have yet to be covered. Since students realise that they will likely be hard-pressed for time in JC, they may take it upon themselves to obtain studying material and revise in advance, especially for content-heavy subjects such as JC economics and JC chemistry.

One option to keep pace with those peers would be to follow suit and make use of your holidays to study as well. However, what if you have other commitments during the holidays? What if you have also been revising but find it difficult to understand the content on your own? In such a case, you may want to consider going for JC tuition. Some tuition classes are held during the term breaks or before the academic year begins, so you can get a head start on your schoolwork.

The JC Style May Not Cater to Different Individuals

In JC economics for example, lessons typically consist of lectures and tutorials, which are often held in large groups. It can be difficult to get one-to-one time with a teacher, especially if you find yourself lagging behind the rest. Certain topics may be tougher for some people to grasp, but the school curriculum cannot wait for a minority. While classes are conducted to guide students, students are mostly expected to be independent and self-study to brush up on their understanding. As such, the JC teaching style and pace may not be suitable for everyone.

If you find JC lessons less than ideal for you, it may be time to look for a class that better suits your learning style and helps you pick up the subjects with more ease. JC students who attend tuition often find that they have ample time and opportunities to clarify their doubts with their tutors. They can also get tips and tricks that may not be taught to them in school. If you find yourself in such a situation, signing up for JC tuition may be the key to enjoying an easier time in school.

To sum it up, whether one needs tuition in JC is a highly subjective matter. Plenty of JC students have done well without needing any help from tuition, while others swear by supplementary sessions to help them catch up on schoolwork. That being said, having a good tutor can be invaluable in helping to pull up your grades for a particularly subject.

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