Best Coding Programmes and Websites for Kids to Get Started

Best Coding Programmes and Websites for Kids to Get Started
February 7, 2022

Technology is starting to play an increasingly dominant role in how kids interact with each other and with their parents, and it is important that kids develop the necessary skills to make their use of the technology as fun and safe as possible.

With the growing number of apps and online games targeting younger users, kids are genuinely expressing interest in them to learn and be better at it. Moreover, such knowledge will help them to adapt to new technologies that are likely to play a bigger role in their future too.

Knowing this, you probably want to know some of the best interactive coding classes for kids to help them kick start their programming journey.

Which coding classes are a good start for my kid?

There are plenty of coding classes for kids that teaches them a myriad of things such as how to make 3D models, code in HTML, PHP, Python or Java, or even download ready-made code to create animations, games, and music. Choose one that your kid is most excited to learn about!

1)  Scratch

Scratch is an open-source, simple programming language developed by the MIT media lab that is considered a must-have for a young coding enthusiast.

Here, children can learn by making their own objects and animals and then experimenting with shapes and colours to add movement. In the end, children save their work and turn it into their own programmes, movies, and games. It’s free as well!

2) Codecademy

The founders, Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski, created a popular coding class site called Codecademy that teaches students of all ages and backgrounds how to code.

The website, which began its services in August 2011, currently has a wide variety of programming courses such as object-oriented programming, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Logo, Ruby, and more.

The website offers self-paced courses at various levels, from coding challenges to full-fledged courses that include discussion forums and exercises. The website is beautifully crafted and curated for young coding enthusiasts to learn more flamboyantly.

3) Roblox

For the young gaming enthusiast, Roblox is the best place for your kid to power his/her imagination. Since 2020, Roblox has become an international phenomenon whereby it is one of the world’s most popular platforms for playing video games, but it is more than that.

Children can use their imagination to learn how to create their own 3D worlds, in which they can create virtual avatars, pets, or play multiplayer games with their friends.

Kids could also participate or join an initiative called ‘Hour of Code’ which allows them to learn about programming and computer science for an hour.

This site is something they can look forward to!

4) Tynker

Another amazing game-based coding platform is Tynker. They help kids learn programming through making games and creating interactive stories with physical blocks, animations and the creation of their own characters.

Kids can learn by playing games, designing their own characters, or even creating their own codes. The platform also offers lessons and projects to improve their coding abilities such as robotics, creating Minecraft worlds, and basic programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, HTML and CSS.

This platform has definitely made programming fun, exciting and simple while still being informational for your kids!

5) Kahoot!

This game-based learning platform offers free, fun and entertaining games which are about problem-solving and collaboration. Your kids can learn to code in a specific domain with a specific theme or try a mix of themes such as Music, Nature, and Math. Kids could also participate in skill and challenging quizzes to win prizes and badges.

Teachers, who are searching for a quick and simple way to create interactive, gamified learning experiences, can use Kahoot to create games that are highly engaging.


One of the fastest-growing online learning platforms in the world, works to make computer science and coding more accessible to students and teachers across the world.

This non-profit organisation strives to solve global educational challenges and is committed to making computer science and coding an integral part of the school curriculum.

On the platform, kids can learn how to create games, apps, websites, and more that are relevant to their daily lives through fun and accessible learning experiences. Check it out!

7) Blockly

Blockly is an incredible programme that teaches the fundamentals of coding in one of the simplest and most intuitive ways. It uses drag-and-drop blocks to guide learners through a level of a computer game, creating interactive stories, interactive characters and storytelling.

Through the platform, children can learn the basics of programming and build on what they know. They could also create projects that display their creativity and imagination in a variety of ways, and they can also work collaboratively to complete their projects.


Coding is one of the most rapidly growing job areas in today’s world and you can be sure that many tech giants are investing in computer science education for kids. The best part is that there are many learning apps that can help kids learn about coding with just a few hours of the day to make learning fun and accessible.

It’s always great to get your kids learning about computer science at a young age too since they are curious little ones who are willing to learn about anything that excites them too.

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